good times at Refugio del Río

So, after arriving in Boquete and my unfortunate affair with the people of A Boquete, who failed to receive me upon my arrival, I found myself at Refugio del Río, a hostel owned by the very generous Luchini Lescure. He agreed to me staying on with him as a volunteer, helping out in the building of two new wood cabins by the river. I helped builder Juan Carlos to place the wall panels, the floor, and to make some stone-clad steps at the entrance to the cabins.

During the time I was at the hostel there were also other volunteers, some girls who helped paint the walls of the cabin and did other chores around the hostel; Nicolás, an Argentinian who painted a piano that Luchini had saved from the landfill and who also did maintenance at Luchini’s hotel Refugio de la Montaña, where he liked to sleep away from the bustle of the hostel; and Estéban, the Italian ethnobotanist who went out to hunt for guests to stay at the hostel and had us all cracking up with tales of his 10 years in the Mexican desert or his other 10 years living with indigenous peoples in the Peruvian rainforest (amongst which his 24 hours buried underground as part of a coming-of-age/acceptance ritual). This became my second family during my two weeks at the hostel. They have all moved on now and I miss them a bit at times, but there’s also new people to fill up the void they have left. And so is the life of the traveller.

Well, and here follow some photos of the things I did during my stay at the hostel. I hope you enjoy them! 🙂


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