my dream library

My dream library would be a place that has all the books I like to read, and some that I would like to read again. Here at Finca los Perezosos it’s almost exactly like the image I have in my mind of the perfect library. It’s not big, but it’s quality. There’s all sorts of books on gardening and permaculture, some of which I have in pdf and others which are impossible to get. Some day I’ll settle down and have something like it, but for now I’ll just enjoy being around this one and knowing that it is possible.

The only thing missing here (apart from some non-agricultural literature) is Yeoman’s Keyline Concept, but I’ll manage to get that for myself somehow, sometime! 🙂

the library

this is what it looks like. not big, but full of quality books

books on natural building

the barefoot architect is one I’m craving for…

self-sufficiency and cooking

Wild Fermentation – you can’t get much more non-conformist than that!
And there’s John Seymour, too!

want to know about soil? Here's a few books that will help

Teaming with Microbes – a great source of information on soil and composting
Rodale’s compost? Wow! 🙂

the permaculture section

Sepp Holzer, Fukuoka, Deppe…
And on the left there there’s the bible on preserving food without freezing or canning!
John Jeavon’s biointensive methods are in there too somewhere…

more books... gonna need some free time to read all of these!

beekeeping, humanure handbook and even Joel Salatin!

farming in general

more Joel Salatin and Rodale’s Organic Manifesto!

the man who planted trees

I’ve got this video in English, Spanish and French. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the story in black on white. Fantastic! 🙂



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