welcome to Finca Los Perezosos

So I have finally left Boquete to come to Finca Los Perezosos, the Lazy Man’s farm in Churuquita Grande, a small community close to the bigger town of Penonomé.

I got here on a Monday afternoon and immediately got shown part of the farm with Dean, a biology student from Maine who unfortunately left the following morning. The photo below shows him becoming enlightened on top of the arches holding up the soon-to-be-renovated access bridge to the Finca.

Permaculture chop-and-drop techniques and a lovely river to go swimming in are just some of the reasons to come and spend 3 months here. John Douglas, the owner of the place, is quite open to the volunteer’s contributions and I’ve got plenty of ideas for things to try out at the farm. We’ll see what I can manage to get done or not, but I think I have a very interesting time ahead here…

Oh, and one last thing… don’t let yourselves be fooled by the name of the place, if you want to come here you’d better come prepared to do some hard work!

Dean being inspired up on the cement crossbeam of the bridge

the wierdest caterpillar ever seen...

a beautiful caterpillar we found on the cinnamon tree. It wasn’t there the following morning, so I’m sure whatever bird ate it was in for a spicy treat!

first delivery of materials for the new bridge

the first delivery of materials for the new bridge that will allow motor traffic, with neighbour Sósimo directing from the right

the fish pond

the tilapia pond…

the fish

…the tilapia

our swimming spot in the river

our beautiful swimming spot. You can swim for hours against the current, jump off the cliffs or dive off the tree, a great way to cool of after a day’s hard work! 🙂

the beautiful corotu, or guanacaste as known in Costa Rica

the corotu tree, or as known in Costa Rica where it is the national tree, a guanacaste



  1. #1 by josefina on 12/12/2012 - 03:19

    beautiful place How long are you going to be there?

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