natural building techniques – building with cob

the laughing house

the documentary First Earth is a full-length documentary dedicated to the wonderful building medium that is the earth itself, plentiful, cheap and malleable, which allows building very picturesque constructions with curvy, organic shapes and very personalised touches that are just incredibly beautiful, cozy and welcoming. Add to that the irreplaceable feeling of actually being involved in the building of your house and giving yourself the time to do so instead of slaving away at some (hopefully pleasurable) job just to be able to pay somebody else to build it for you and/or then rent it off the bank for 20-30 years and you’ll start to understand the beauty and the power of building with earth. Fortunately it is available on youtube in several languages and the links are available from the website itself.

And if you want to find out more about building with cob check these two books:

I hope you enjoy it and find it inspiring 🙂

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