pondering demographics

local kids hanging around in a tree

local kids hanging around in a tree

What is it that makes people from industrialised countries everywhere seem to find all the excuses in the world not to have kids or to delay having them, whereas people in worse economic conditions than them don’t seem to make such a big deal about the whole issue?

It’s not a simple matter, and we may never finish if we start looking for the causes of such behaviour, such as attempts at being responsible parents and trying to set things up so that there will be no hardships for the future inhabitant of the world; waiting to have enough money to buy all the things that we are now made to believe that children need when they come in to the world and are growing up; the selfishness of not wanting to give up our freedom to travel and be promiscuous, since travelling with children is a lot more complicated and requires more planning than travelling alone, and we usually think of settling down anyway once we have babies; there might also be the fear of bringing up an individual with a mind of their own, who may just not turn out as we wish they would…

Anyway, I’m not about to give any formulas for easy child rearing or for safe sex with reduced chances of engendering children, but I’m just wondering how in some of the cities I’ve lived in you see less and less children playing together on the streets, and here in Central America it seems like there’s children everywhere, especially those of the local and/or native peoples, and it’s great to see them play and hear their lively chatter when they get together.

This whole issue reminds me of the opening scene of Idiocracy, a 2006 film that’s not really worth watching, although the idea behind it is interesting and is what’s reflected in these first few minutes of the film.

So, as a final thought: is it really wise to give so much consideration to the issue and are we becoming too cold and calculating when making life decisions, or should we be more spontaneous and take life as it comes, whatever the consequences?


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  1. #1 by LLANO on 19/03/2013 - 06:24

    Julito, cuando estés ya situado y bien, just send us a word, will you? I know you’re not the scary type. Neither are we, but, still, some certainty is always welcome, wouldn’t you agree?

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