cheap and reliable travel between Nicaragua and Guatemala

Interested in travelling cheaply but reliably across the borders of El Salvador and Honduras, directly from Guatemala to Nicaragua?

contact in GuatemalaContact in Guatemala

contact in NicaraguaContact in Nicaragua

Well this might be the answer to your troubles. Instead of paying the +$80 of the bigger companies (like Tica Bus or King Quality), you can actually make it for only $30. It’s not the most comfortable ride you’ll experience, since you’ll be spending at least 14 hours on a chicken bus (old american school bus), but the border crossings are smooth and the organisers really take good care of you, and they even give out free water in the afternoon when it gets really hot and everybody’s sweating! 🙂

Also, the border crossings are rather smooth, since the bus travels at night and you never meet any long queues, since you are normally the only people at the border!

I travelled from León in northern Nicaragua to Guatemala City, arriving in Guate at 2 am. You might agree that 2 am in a big Central American city is not the best time to be wondering about alone at night, and you’d be right, so that’s exactly what these guys didn’t let us do. I travelled with some other guys who were then heading straight on to Mexico. Their terminal was only two blocks away from where we stopped in Guate City, but one of the drivers actually escorted them there, to make sure they got there okay and that they would be safe. My bus left from a different place and wasn’t till much later, so I slept for a while on the bus and later they woke me up and got me a trustworthy taxi to take me to the bus stop I needed to get to.

So, I definitely recommend this service to anyone travelling along that route.

Happy Travels!




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