Oh, gracious food!


I sat to eat today, as usual, ravenously tucking into my food with hardly a second thought, still piping hot from the pan and almost burning my palate, but I suddenly checked myself and paused. Many miracles actually had to take place and a lot of effort was put into making it possible for that food to finally be assembled on my plate. So I stopped and thought for a while about the farmers tending the tomato plants, toiling under sun and rain so that they reach maturity and their peak of colour and flavour, I thought of the plants themselves and their incredible transformation as they burst from their tiny seeds into full fruit-bearing beings. I though about the producers of the wheat in the bread, the people at the mill and the bakery, and I paused to consider the chickens laying their eggs and the people feeding and tending for those chickens. All of this care and effort on the part of so many people, plus a little of my own that I put into chopping, frying up and plating the dish (not all that carefully, but it was just for me, in the end). I finally sent a thought out as well to our Mother Earth, the good old Pachamama, who in her boundless generosity allows for all this bounty and the miracle of food if we only care a bit and provide some coaching along during the process. I hope one day we will learn to be grateful for these gifts and cherish them, and that we can stop the pillage and rape that we are currently subjecting her to.

  1. #1 by Veronica Amago on 20/06/2014 - 08:26

    Don’t know why it’s not easy for me to like ur posts: must need to register somewhere.
    Anyway: like

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