home-made mustard

home-made mustard

home-made mustard

Here’s a photo of my last experiment in the kitchen: home-made mustard!

I had a bag of mustard seeds that I had brought with me from Costa Rica which I was not really using a lot, neither in the kitchen or in the garden, until I thought of grinding them up to make mustard.

I first went about it by toasting them and grinding them up dry, but that just produced a very spicy but kind of disgusting paste that hastily made its way to the compost bin. So I researched the topic online and found quite a few recipes, which opened up the possibilities and showed me what was wrong in my approach. So I then proceeded to soak the seeds and then ground them wet, adding some of my also home-made pineapple vinegar, which gives it a lovely fruity aroma, and some extra garlic for flavour and added health benefits.

So, if you happen to have some extra mustard seeds lying about the pantry, don’t hesitate, grind them up into your own home-made mustard sauce and enjoy them in salad dressings, on steaks, or as I did on some Indian chickpea pancakes.


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